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Travel Guide to Aegina ( Aigina ) - Greece

The Greek Islands are known throughout the world as being one of the most perfect holiday destinations in the world - beautiful blue seas, stunning landscape and scenery, and a unique setting unlike any other.

The Greek Islands come in all shapes and sizes, and each one offers it's own scenes, aromas and tastes.

The group of islands that make up the Argosaronic Gulf islands are some of the most popular.

Due to their location, they are perfect for those who are visiting the Greek capital of Athens, and make the perfect getaway destination for large numbers of Athenians.

The island of Aegina, (also spelt as Aigina and Egina) is the largest of the Argosaronic Gulf islands, and is the most popular.

On Aegina, visitors can enjoy a complete experience of Greek island life, as well as enjoy the lovely beaches, historic and archaeological sites, as well as a fantastic selection of activities and entertainment.

Aegina is connected with ferryboats to the Athens port of Pireaus on a daily basis, and its port also has ferry boats leaving to some of the other popular Argosaronic Gulf islands such as Agistri, Hydra and Poros.

Aegina is the perfect Greek Island for those who are interested in the archaeology and ancient history of Greece.

The island has a very rich and impressive history, and this is evident from the fact that it was actually the first Greek capital after the War of Independence in the 1800s.

The island of Aegina is also home to the famous temple of "Aphaia", which is one of the best preserved ancient temples found anywhere in Greece.

There is a great deal of history about the island of Aegina, and visitors here can have the opportunity to visit some of these ancient sites and museums. Visiting such sites can help visitors to the island learn a little more about just how important Aegina was in the ancient times.

Aegina is well developed to cater for tourism, and visitors here will find a wonderful selection of hotels, rooms to let and other accommodation.

There are also a huge selection of restaurants, tavernas, bars and cafes where visitors can find great food and drink, in a very relaxing and warm atmosphere.

Aegina is truly an island worth visiting. There are some extremely interesting regions on the island, and these are all worth seeing. For those who may only be visiting Athens or mainland Greece for a short time, Aegina provides the perfect opportunity for visitors with little time to experience the Greek Islands.

If you are looking for property or real estate on the island then there is a really fantastic opportunity to purchase a fully furnished and equipped house on the island. Head over to for more information.

We hope you will find this web site an invaluable tool for planning your holidays and travel to the beautiful island of Aegina. We welcome you to the island of Aegina, the island of the pistachio nuts, and the perfect place to experience a beautiful Greek Island holiday

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