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Archaeological Sites, Museums and Places of Interest on Aegina Island - Greece

As well as the beautiful beaches, great entertainment and natural beauty, the island of Aegina in the Saronicgulf has some very interesting sights and places that are well worth visiting. Historically, the island of Aegina is one of great importance, and this is evident from the variety of interesting sites, buildings and museums that are found all over the island.

One very important monument of great historical importance, is the government building of Kapodjstrja, who library has over 7,000 sections. The old Metropolis temple of Virgin Mary is another important part of Aegina, and it was here that the oath was taken by the first government of Greece.

The Eynardeio Orphanage, which was built by the first Governor of Greece is another important structure in Aegina. During later years, the building was used as a barracks and also a prison.

Approximately 2km from the region of Plakakia is the house where Nikos Kazantzaki ( a very famous writer ) resided during his two year stay on the island. A little distance from the region of Faros are the houses of two important politicians, Harilaos and Spyridonas Trikoupi, as well as heroes of the Greek revolution of 1821, specifically Kanari and Koutourioti.

One very famous site that nearly all visitors to the island of Aegina will see is that of the Kolona - the soletery standing column, all that remains from the Doric Temple of Apollon, dating from the 6th century BC.

For the nature lovers, wayfarers and ecologists, there are many beautiful forests on the island, as well as some inspiring mountainous settlements - such as that of Paleochora ( Old Town ) and the Anitcheo. The ancient temple of Ellanios Zeus is found on the mountain of Oros.

The Archaeological Museum of Aegina is well worth visiting, and here you can view a wonderful selection of archaeological treasures and artifacts. One such grouping of interesting objects are the Aegean pots and amporae, that date back to the Mesoelladic Period.

Another interesting museum is that of Kapralou, which houses the workshop of the famous sculptor Christos Kapralos. In the rooms of this museum, visitors can see a beautiful selection of works by the artist.

One of the most important, and best preserved ancient sites on Aegina is that od the Doric Temple of Afeas Marina. This temple is located in the region of Agia Marina, and was built using local limestone. The temple is extremely well preserved, and is one of the most popular archaeological sites on the island.

There are also many beautiful churches and monasteries located throughout the island that are well worth visiting. Aegina is an island that needs to be explored to be truly appreciated. It is the perfect combination of land and sea, where past meets present, and provides visitors with the perfect setting for their holidays and travel experiences in the famous Greek islands.

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