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Aegina Town - Aegina Island Greece

The town of Aegina is usually the first part of the island that most visitors who arrive here will see. From the offset, the port area of the town can seem like a chaotic assembly, with cars and pedestrians battling with each other as they board and depart the ferry boats.

However, the town has a certain charm to it, that offers visitors a glimpse of the beauty here, hidden beneath.

The classical style buildings and architecture greet visitors as they arrive, and this scenery, especially during sunset, has a certain beauty about it, where the colours change ever so slightly, reflecting with the setting sun.

The port is also home to the small whitewashed chapel of Agios Nikolaos, that is found here, and which welcomes visitors.

From here, visitors to Aegina can disperse and head to the parts of the island they wish to visit. However, the town of Aegina itself should not be overlooked.

Along the seafront, there are boats and yachts of all sizes and colours. Some small boats even operate as fruit and vegetable shops, offering a selection of frersh produce from the back of the boats.

The seafront is home to a huge selection of cafes and bars, and restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy a meal or drink, and sit back and watch the scenery.

There is a large selection of accommodation in Aegina town, with everything from hotels to rooms to let on offer. There are also several car and bike rental businesses operating here, where you can pick up a vehicle and start exploring the island.

A short walk from the port is the famous "kolona" - one remaining column from the temple of Apollon. This is an interesting archaeological site to visit, and is also home to a small museum with a variety of exhibits being displayed.

Take a walk around the small winding backstreets in Aegina town, out of the sun, and explore some of the delightful small shops. Afterwards, you can head back to the main road for a drink or snack, or head off to a beach for a swim.

There is a main bus station just a short walk from the port, where you can find buses to all parts of the island. You would need to purchase your tickets prior to boarding the bus, and there is a small ticket office where you can purchase them.

The town of Aegina is a very nice place to visit, and whether you are planning to visit Aegina a few days, or merely just an afternoon, the chances are you will find yourself here. One way to explore the town would be to take a trip on one of the horse carriages that operate from the port area of the town. Be sure as well to purchase some of the famous pistachio nuts that you will find available at several of the shops across from the port.

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