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Agia Marina Town - Aegina Island Greece

The town of Agia Marina is by far the most popular tourist area of Aegina. It is located 13 km. east of the main port. The crystal clear waters, the sandy beach with the pine forest, and the live night life, attract huge numbers of tourists, both from Greece and the rest of the world.

As well as the beautiful and popular beach, there are also some very interesting sites in Agia Marina that should be visited by visitors here.

One such site it "The Doric Temple of Afea Athina", which was built with local limestone, and has remained in very good condition throughout the years. The temple was built on a hill 4 km. north the village.

The other famous temples in Athens - "The Parthenon" on the Athens Acropolis, and "The Temple of Posiedon" in Sounion, were built in a way so that they will create a triangle between each other.

In the ancient years these three temples had visual contact between them, so they could signal and inform the populations, in case of an enemy attack or a natural disaster disaster.

The picturesque chapel of Agia Marina, which is where the village took its name from, is also worth visiting.

For lovers of water sports, paradise can be found at the sandy beach of Agia Marina, which is ideal for wind surfing amongst other activities. On the beach you will find small stalls, which rent the necessary equipment for the water sports.

For those who may prefer peace and tranquility, and less people around, you can find small bays and beaches where you will be able to enjoy the sea in peace.

In Agia Marina there are many restaurants and tavernas, cafes and bars, where you can enjoy tasty meals, drinks and a dance or two. There are also bars and places that play Greek music so you can experience a true "Greek night out".

For accommodation, there are a selection of hotels and rooms to let that operate in Agia Marina, where you can find comfortable and affordable accommodation for your stay here.

If you are in Aegina on the 17th of July, don’t miss the traditional religious festival, of Agia Marina that takes place, with music, dance and drink.

Galini Hotel - Agia Marina Aegina Greece

GALINI HOTEL - Agia Marina - Aegina Greece

Charming and elegant hotel on Aegina offers you a wonderful range of accommodation for your stay in the town of Agia Marina.

Tel: ( + 30 ) 22970 32203
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Ifigenia Apartments & Studios - Aegina Island Greece Agina

IFIGENIA APARTMENTS & STUDIOS - Agia Marina - Aegina Greece

You can find an excellent selection of comfortable apartments and studios in the town of Agia Marina.

Tel: ( + 30 ) 22970 32542
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