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Travel to Aegina Island - Greece

The island of Aegina is located in the Argo Saronic Gulf, and is the largest of the islands found in this group. Reaching the island of Aegina is very easy, and is done so by ferry boat or flying dolphin from the port of Piraeus in Athens.

The journey time from Pireaus to Aegina takes approximately 1 hour. Visitors to Athens can easily reach the port of Piraeus by either bus, or by the Metro line that operates to Pireaus, and whose station is directly opposite the port.

During the summer season, there are frequent daily connections with Aegina, as well as several that also go to the neighbouring island of Agistri.

On the way to Agistri, the ferry boats usually make a stop at the harbour of Aegina Town. From Aegina to Agistri, the journey time is approximely 15-20 minutes.

Ferry boats from Pireaus usually arrive at the port of Aegina Town, though there are also boats that head to the islands other port of Souvala, which is located on the north of the island of Aegina.

If you are planning to visit Aegina during the summer months, and in particular July and August, it is advisable to try and purchase your tickets in advance. If you are planning a day trip to Aegina, it is advisable that as soon as your reach Aegina, you purchase your tickets for your return trip back to Piraeus.

If you are travelling to Aegina by car, you should arrive at the port as early as possible for departure. Once you arrive in Aegina, you simply drive out of the ferry boat, and then on towards your final destination on the island.

For foot passengers, once you arrive at Aegina, you can travel around the island using either the local bus service, by taxi, or by hiring a car or bike from one of the many offices that operate around the port.

For those planning to travel by bus, there is a bus information booth located close to the port from where you can purchase tickets for the buses.

For further information about Ferry boats from Piraeus, please call 210 414 7800 - ( This is an automatic message service )
For further information about Ferry boats from Aegina, please call 22970 22328 - ( This is an automatic message service )
For further information about Bus Services on Aegina, please call 22970 22787

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