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Souvala - Aegina
Vagia - Aegina
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Towns on the island of Aegina, Greece

Aegina is an island worth visiting. Throughout the island there are villages and settlements have their own distinct character and are perfect for vacation and relaxation. There are also many beaches, some deserted and some cosmopolitan offering the opportunity for relaxation and water sports. Archaeological sites, museums, natural landscapes and attractions make Aegina a really interesting and beautiful place to enjoy a holiday.

Below is a brief description of each village and town of Aegina.

Αίγινα Χώρα

Aegina Town - Aegina

The town of Aegina is usually the first part of the island that most visitors who arrive here will see. From the offset, the port area of the town can seem like a chaotic assembly, with cars and pedestrians battling with each other as they board and depart the ferry boats.

:: Aegina Town - Aegina More Information

Αγία Μαρίνα - Αίγινα

Agia Marina - Aegina

The town of Agia Marina is by far the most popular tourist area of Aegina. It is located 13 km. east of the main port. The crystal clear waters, the sandy beach with the pine forest, and the live night life, attract huge numbers of tourists, both from Greece and the rest of the world.

:: Agia Marina - Aegina More Information

Βαγία - Αίγινα

Vagia - Aegina

Situated on the north side of the island of Aegina is the small picturesque fishing village called Vagia. Surrounded by green pine trees and inspiring landscapes, Vagia is the ideal destination for your relaxing holidays on Aegina.

:: Vagia - Aegina More Information

Μαραθώνας - Αίγινα

Marathonas - Aegina

The traditional fishing village of Marathonas is located approximately halfway between the main town of Aegina and the village of Perdika on the west coast of Aegina. Marathonas is a very picturesque village, and is extremely relaxing to the eye

:: Marathonas - Aegina More Information

Μεσαγρός - Αίγινα

Mesagros - Aegina

Mesagros is a traditional mountainous village, 9km northeast from the town Aegina. It is a village that has great traditional with regards to ceramic pottery. The geographic position of the village, close to the temple of Aphea Athina ...

:: Mesagros - Aegina More Information

Παλαιοχώρα / Άγιος Νεκτάριος - Αίγινα

Agios Nektarios - Palio Hora - Aegina

The town of Palio Chora ( Hora ) , known today as Agios Nektarios, was the capital town of Aegina from the 9th century until the 19th century. Today however, there are just few ruins found here, reminding us of the glory days. Following Greek Independance in 1827 ...

:: Agios Nektarios - Aegina More Information

Πέρδικα - Αίγινα

Perdika - Aegina

Perdika is a beautiful small fishing village, with traditional scenery, 9 km south of the town of Aegina. Many of the visitors to Perdika love this village with great passion. Perdika was built on a hill, with fantastic views towards the blue waters of sea, and the small island Moni.

:: Perdika - Aegina More Information

Σουβάλα - Αίγινα

Souvala - Aegina

The beautiful coastal village and port of Souvala is situated 10km from the main town of Aegina. Thanks to the spas and the beautiful beach, the village of Souvala is a very famous resort in Aegina. The port of the village itself has been around since the Byzantine times ...

:: Souvala - Aegina More Information



A short distance from Aegina is the charming neighbouring island of Agistri ( Angistri ). This island is a very green and beautiful one, and provides a wonderful destination for a day trip either from Aegina or Athens. Agistri is a small island, though it is one that is huge in terms of natural beauty.

:: Agistri Greece More Information

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